Swimming Pool Landscaping Design Ideas

Friday, June 3rd 2016. Landscaping, Pools
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Swimming Pool Landscaping– Swimming pool can be a perfect area to release some stresses that we’ve got from the whole day. In the other words we can say that swimming pool is the right relaxing place. That is why; designing the swimming pool with the beautiful landscaping is necessary. If you were looking for some ideas for Swimming Pool Landscaping, below we will give you some interesting ideas that maybe it will be useful for you.

Swimming Pool Landscaping Traditional Pool Designs

Swimming Pool Landscaping: Mediterranean Styles

For this style, you have to concern more on the aqua water colors and Greek and Roman Shapes. You can make the Mediterranean style, using the stone decking is a perfect idea. Besides that, you can use some colorful ceramic tiles that will be the accent of waterline. The other popular feature that you can apply is the waterfalls. Meanwhile for the plans, you can apply some simple plans around the swimming pool. You can use the short grass that is combined with some medium trees. Choose a type of trees that have the light branches with not too much leaves. It will be a perfect Swimming Pool Landscaping in Mediterranean style.

Swimming Pool Landscaping: Tropical Pool Ideas

Having a Tropical Swimming Pool Landscaping is just like a dream comes true. You will get all the taste of the tropics, water and relaxation that come together in your mind. For making this style, you can add some features such as waterfalls, lush plants, palm trees and boulders as well. All of these elements are the hallmarks for making a Tropical Pool Ideas. As a idea, you can add some planters right up against the coping or you can inlay the mosaic of fish, turtles or the other tropical motif in the bottom of your tropical pool.

Swimming Pool Landscaping: Modern Pool Style

Swimming Pool Landscaping Square Pool Design Photo

Modern pool is maybe the common pool design that we can find nowadays. Usually, this swimming pool has some certain characteristics such as the clean lines and geometric shapes. The main concept of the modern Swimming Pool Landscaping is about simplicity. Usually, this swimming pool often features the vivid colors and eye catching display in mosaic tile. To make this design, you can add the feature such as spa chairs on a side of the swimming pool. You can add the wide area from the short grasses and add a small numbers of short plans or some colorful flowers in neatly in a row.

Swimming Pool Landscaping: Traditional Pool Design

The next common design for Swimming Pool Landscaping is the traditional pool design. Usually, this pool has the classic shapes such as kidney or rectangular shape. To make this design, you can give some bricks or paving stones. Meanwhile for the water color is usually in the color of natural lake or pond. Besides that, you can give some colorful flowers on the right and left sides of the swimming pool. Applying some furniture such as wooden relaxing chairs and a wooden table at the tip of the swimming pool is also a great Swimming Pool Landscaping idea for traditional pool.

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Swimming Pool Landscaping Design Ideas