Kitchen Cabinet Wine Racks Ideas Picture and Design

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Kitchen Cabinet Wine Racks Ideas– Wine rack is an important element for some people, especially for them who love too drink wine. That is why; it is essential to make an effective wine rack as a great place for keeping some wine bottles. However, wine racks are also can become an interesting home décor for a house if it was made with the right design. Below, we will give some Kitchen Cabinets Wine Racks Ideas for you to make a functional and unique wine racks for your house.

Kitchen Cabinet Wine Racks Ideas: Wine Storage

Kitchen Cabinet Wine Rack Ideas Wine Storage Image

The first idea is maybe will be useful for you who are not having a large space to make a wine rack. The solution for this case is by making the wine storage. You can use some of the storage space. Add a temperature controlled wine cellar for the bottles that needs to be aged. Besides that, you can also apply the open shelving concept for ready to drink bottles. This Kitchen Cabinet Wine Racks Ideas are will be perfect for your contemporary kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Wine Racks Ideas: Asian Style

The next Kitchen Cabinet Wine Racks Ideas are the Asian style. This wane rack will be save more space because it is placed on the wall. So, you can make a measured rectangular on a wall and make some handmade tiles as the place where the wine bottles are will be kept. To give the Asian taste, it is better to make this wine rack from wood materials. Besides that, it is also better to let the wood has the natural brown color. To support this Asian concept, you can combine it with the other Asian elements such as wall ceramics with the dragon motif, Japanese hanging lantern or the other aspects.

Kitchen Cabinet Wine Racks Ideas: Simple Wine Rack

“Simple can be big” is can be a great concept for the Kitchen Cabinet Wine Racks Ideas. This idea will be perfect for a minimalist house or for a house that is not having too big space for making a wine rack. As a solution, you can make two columns wine racks near the kitchen entrance. Place this wine racks on the corner side and you will get the simple and beautiful wine rack. To make it more interesting, paint it with the colors that is matched with your kitchen designs.

Kitchen Cabinet Wine Racks Ideas: Criss Cross Design

Are you tired with the tile concept for a wine rack? If it was so, the criss cross Kitchen Cabinet Wine Racks Ideas are maybe the right concept that you can try. This wine rack has an unexpected geometric design and it is really good. Place it on the high or even the lower place such as under the table. You can also place this wine rack above your refrigerator. Make this wine rack with the materials that are mostly used on your kitchen. Besides that, keep it has the same color to make the seamless design. This is one of the Kitchen Cabinet Wine Racks Ideas that you can try.

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Kitchen Cabinet Wine Racks Ideas Picture and Design