Chrysanthemums Gardening Ideas as Mother’s Day Symbol

Thursday, December 17th 2015. Garden
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Chrysanthemums are the iconic symbol of Mother’s Day and such a special and popular gift. You can make the chrysanthemums gardening ideas as a different gift. They are great plants to choose for this time of year, providing bold splashes of color in the garden in late summer and autumn. It is used for medicinal and some purposes, as well as for its beautiful blooms. In Japan, the flower is very symbolic, with the Royal Family said to rule from the Chrysanthemum Throne. It has been their national flower for the past 100 years and is a symbol of happiness and longevity. It has many color varieties, such as pure white, through every shade of pink, burgundy, bronze and mauve to bright lime green. Chrysanthemums can grow well in pots and even indoors with bright light.

Chrysanthemums can be grown in any ground types, but it will look more awesome if we plant it in rock garden. To treat this chrysanthemums are very easy and simple. You just give manures, add some organic, slow-release fertilizer such as pelletized chicken manure and water it every single day. You can use pesticides to prevent a range of pests and diseases attacks. The other way to prevent plant disease is move the chrysanthemum position every three years. Keep away the chrysanthemums with the street lamp or artificial lights to have the beautiful Chrysanthemums gardening ideas.

Treat mildew with an organic-based fungicide, such as wettable sulfur or eco-rose. Change the water regularly and re-cut stems every few days to get a better bunch. In a pot, a chrysanthemum plant lasts for a few weeks inside. Pick off any dead flowers or discolored leaves. To make it grow taller you have to treat it with a growth regulator to keep them dwarf and compact. Chrysanthemums prefer a cool to mild climate to grow. Make sure that the chrysanthemums protected from the wind. If you are growing them specifically to use for cut flowers, space them 60–75cm apart to get the best landscaping.

Put the chrysanthemums under the sunlight in five hours, but it will grow better if you put it outside under the sunlight in eight hours. For your information, the morning sunlight is better than the afternoon sunlight. If you decided to plant it in the pots, make sure that it provide some space to channel the water. It cannot grow in humid ground, so do not choose the land which is wet nor dry. Put it in front of the wall, so the chrysanthemum can get air circulation enough. Chrysanthemum needs oxygen to get nutrition.

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Chrysanthemums Gardening Ideas as Mother’s Day Symbol